November 14, 2017

Why is Habitat Restoration Important for our Planet

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Habitat restoration emerged as an important sub system under restoration ecology in 1980s. It is a practice of restoration where degraded, damaged or destroyed habitats or ecosystems are restored and renewed. This damage is due to active human action and intervention with the habitat causing it huge destruction. Habitat restoration is done through measured processes by trained restoration practitioners with the express purpose of restoration ranging from small to a large scale.

Impact on Earth

Earth’s biota is getting destroyed and degraded with every passing minute on a “catastrophically short timescale.” The current extinction rate is alarmingly 1,000 to 10,000 times more than the previous normal rate. Human beings have a huge responsibility towards their future generations and other living organisms that inhabit this planet.

Natural ecosystems provide human society with food, fuel and timber.

The process followed freely by natural ecosystems is estimated to be worth trillions of dollars annually. The same natural ecosystems are also the source of purification of life giving water and air, regulating climate, regeneration of soil fertility and pollination of crops, detoxification and decomposition of wastes.The loss and damage to this natural ecosystem is causing loss of natural habitat to  many  species of animals and living organisms. The only remedy is to reverse the habitat loss by conservation provided by restoration of habitat lost.

Habitat restoration essentially improves health of the entire ecosystem. It is put in process through a variety of restoration acts like:

  • removes material from filled wetland
  • re-establishing natural flow of river
  • pollinating with the help of restoration lands
  • treating runoff to improve on quality of water
  • managing invasive species
  • cleaning up contaminated habitats

As per a recent Global study based on current trends the demand for water is projected to exceed sustainable supply by a whopping 40% by 2030. Without free water all natural habitat is soon to be  under threat.

There are about 200,000 species of animals that act as pollinators. Dealing with one of the biggest issues of environmental problems is Species Extinction. The problem is that wild animals on land are hunted to extinction for reasons like ivory, meat or medicinal products. At sea, industrial fishing boats clean out entire population of fishes.  The now famed Red List of threatened and endangered species is fast growing.

Save Species & Birds

These species truly deserve to exist and humans should be educated so that these species provide essential services for human survival. Bees and butterflies for instance have huge pollinating power imperative for growing food.Unless conscious and concerted efforts are made to prevent biodiversity loss, habitats cannot be protected and restored. The effort towards protection against wildlife trade and poaching poses a huge challenge. Habitat restoration can only happen when locals heartily participate in the social and economic interest of mankind and earth.There should be a mass understanding that without pollination the shelves in the stores will have NO – apples, almonds, broccoli, cucumbers, sunflowers, asparagus and many other nuts, vegetables and fruits.

Habitat can be restored by creating awareness:

One of the most dangerous contributor to ecosystems stress and collapse of species is the use of pesticides in plants. All life is exposed largely to a chemical diet be it industrial agriculture, non organic farms or the practice of maintaining gardens, gardens, parks and roadways.Other factors that cause pollinator’s extinction are losing habitat, deforestation, pollution born by air , climate change, increase in industrial agriculture, water treatment, waste, household chemicals and cleaners, chemicals by vehicle on roads, to name a few.Life is interconnected in an ecosystem and is at a risk when species start becoming extinct and decline. All animals and plants formulate a critical part of the health of ecosystem. Habitat restoration is the one of the major platforms to conserve this ecosystem.

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