Save the Bees, Save our Crops!

Save the Bees, Save our Crops! - hplcco ngo

  Honey bees both domestic and wild – are responsible for more than 75 percent of the pollination across the world. 70 out of every 100 human food crops are pollinated by bees. These crops comprise of 90 percent of world’s nutrition. Every bee colony individually can pollinate 300 million flowers every day. Why do […]

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4 Ways You Can Help Save the Bees

4 Ways You Can Help Save the Bees - hplcco NGO

According to recent studies 75% of the world’s food crops are directly dependent on pollinators like butterflies or honeybees. Surely a lot rides on the honey bee’s journey. In the past few decades there has been an alarming rate of bee population declining due to adverse conditions like habitat loss and increase in pesticides. One […]

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Bee Facts that will have you Buzzing

save bees | protect pollinators - ngo in usa

Out of all the bees – the Honey bees top the chart in having a direct relation to human being’s existence on earth. Since centuries honey bees have been raised to produce honey by harvesting it. Human beings also rely on honey bees to pollinate crops. It is a well known fact that one third […]

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Butterfly Habitats and their Geographical Boundaries

save monarch butterflies in usa - hplcco

There have been numerous projects all over the world that have strived to expand, restore and mitigate losses of native butterflies’ habitats. Some butterflies have been endangered or threatened therefore the scientists have conducted research on the reasons and possibilities. As a result it has been observed as well as experienced that there is a […]

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Why is Habitat Restoration Important for our Planet

why bees disappear in USA - hplcco

Habitat restoration emerged as an important sub system under restoration ecology in 1980s. It is a practice of restoration where degraded, damaged or destroyed habitats or ecosystems are restored and renewed. This damage is due to active human action and intervention with the habitat causing it huge destruction. Habitat restoration is done through measured processes […]

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Why We Should Donate to Bees Charity

save bees butterfly polinators in usa - hplcco

Charity is an organization set up to give assistance and fund-raise to those in require. Charities play a vital job in our society. A charity is a non-profit group who save nature animals & birds. HPLC (NPO) International is the world’s highest nature conservation partnership. Together we are 120 Bird-life Partners worldwide. We help to save birds where […]

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Why are Honey Bees Important for Mankind?

Why do Bees get killed - hplcco

Do you know that one of every three bites of our food is a result of pollination cased by honey bees. Existence of Honey bees is crucial for human existence. If honey bees go extinct there would No food grains and No flowers. Honey bees are pollinators for the agriculture industry and pollinate 80% of […]

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Planting for Pollinators: Help Save The Bees And Butterflies

bees planet | honey bee colony hplcco ngo usa

Save the Bees and Butterflies We have insects to thank – especially the bees and butterflies for the food we eat. Pollinators like honeybees provide the food supply across the world.  These very pollinators have sadly been on a decline for the past few decades. Save the bees and butterflies. As per reports of beekeepers, […]

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Why are Bees Vanishing?

why bees are disappear & die in our planet - hplcco

History and Evolution Ants, Honey Bees and Wasps essentially share a common ancestry. Around 100-125 million years back the bees were wasps that turned vegetarians. Some of the species of adult wasps feed on nectar yet they are predators that feed on insects to the younger bees for protein. Protein is found in abundance in […]

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